Ricco, welcome home

copenhagen_riccos_01The coffee culture in Copenhagen has developed into a thriving business the last decade with every street corner in Copenhagen boasting it´s own coffee barista. Each brewing it´s own distinctive religion. Good coffee is now an integral part of the Copenhagen psyche. My own daily work routine is gladly punctuated by first the aroma, followed by a healthy slurp and concluded by an exchange opinions from my  colleagues about the latest brew.

My own neighborhood, Sluseholmen, has been flying under the barista radar for some years, but this has now thankfully changed.You could see by the length of the queue at the grand-opening of Ricco´s café in Sluseholmen, that Ricco Sørensen´s latest project had struck a chord with the locals. To be fair to Riccos` they established a foothold in Sluseholmen some years ago, albeit the tiniest of café bars, but the new establishment at Sluseholmen 28 has given the locals more than coffee to enjoy. A place to meet, mingle and hopefully interact with neighbors and visitors. Ricco has now for several years established a serious reputation for his passion for providing his customers with excellent quality coffee served in distinctive, but informal interiors that encourage interaction and linger. Unlike most of Ricco`s competitors, the locations for 14 or so establishments in Copenhagen, seem unpretentious and dare I say, sympathetic.

I spent the morning of day 1 in my new coffee Mecca, observing a fellow customer, hands cupped around a Cappuccino, faced bathed in winter sunlight. I think he found home.


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