Copenhagen´s nomadic greenhouse; Dome of Visions


Standing on Søren Kierkegaards Plads, exposed to a bitterly cold wind, with a blizzard threatening, I missed the departure of harbor bus 991 by seconds. I decided to head for shelter in the Dome. I was met by the sight of a group of Italian tourists, sitting huddled together under blankets, like frozen peas in a pod, hands cupped around their mugs of coffee. With the wind whipping up the snow outside, I decided to wander and explore around the Dome of Visions. Apparently, I had gate-crashed an event celebrating maritime life in Denmark, as the most luscious of oysters from the north-west of Jutland were being opened, served and immediately swallowed. A DJ was providing warm vibes oblivious to the conditions outside.

The Dome of Visions has been providing an interesting venue for conferences, debates, workshops and events exploring the challenges of urban living and alternative projects to solve them, for almost a year. Planted on Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, with The Royal Library as a contemporary neighbor, the Dome appears like a nomadic greenhouse, where ideas can germinate. NCC, one of Scandinavia´s largest construction and development companies, were responsible for the building of the Dome and its major sponsor, with design performed by the architects, Kristoffer Telgaard and Benny Jepsen. The concept draws it´s inspiration from the American architect, Buckminster Fuller, who developed ideas about future sustainable building structures and materials back in the 1940´s.

The future of the Dome of Visions is somewhat sketchy. It´s tenure was originally for April 2015, however, an extension until the summer seems likely. So any visiting architect or urban planner organizing a study trip to Copenhagen, the Dome of Visions provides the perfect environment for any conference or workshop. Please contact Martin Voola for any future enquiries and upcoming events.

As another oyster was being skillfully opened, I spotted the familiar yellow hulk of 991 coming from the north and made a dash for it through the snow. Departing, I saw the head of the DJ, heading still bopping, holding his headphones, eyes closed happily in his own bubble.

Photo credits: Søren Asgaard, NXT and Jonathan Kronborg Grevsen.

See this video about the construction of the Dome in Copenhagen in 2013.


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