Monthly Archives: February 2015

NN07: A Home To Be Proud Of

In 2007, a block in the heart of Copenhagen, reverently known as Berlingske Karré, began its transformation. The block is home to the Danish media company, Belingske Media that boasts of a handful of national newspapers, including one of the world´s oldest, Berlingske Tidende. At street level, the block hosts an impressive array of international […]
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A Snake that Bikes

As we wait patiently for the completion of another unique waterfront construction, The Circle Bridge, designed by the Icelandic and Danish artist, Olafur Eliasson, we can ponder and marvel at how Copenhagen’s cyclists have taken to the harbor’s latest innovative project, The Bicycle Snake. Before the opening this ingenious link between two of Copenhagen’s thriving districts […]
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Ricco, welcome home

The coffee culture in Copenhagen has developed into a thriving business the last decade with every street corner in Copenhagen boasting it´s own coffee barista. Each brewing it´s own distinctive religion. Good coffee is now an integral part of the Copenhagen psyche. My own daily work routine is gladly punctuated by first the aroma, followed […]
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