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Located in the heart of the chaotic, but vibrant district of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Rud Rasmussen´s Snedkerier has been producing iconic furniture for 145 years. It is somewhat incredible that this unique joinery workshop, renowned world-wide for its hand-crafted cabinet making, has for decades survived the upheavals of urban planning, economic collapses and ever changing trends in interior design.

The first time I entered the doors of RRS, I was a fledgling student at Denmark´s Design School 25 years ago and was struck by the sheer logistics of having a full-scale workshop in central Copenhagen dispersed on 4 floors, the blissful calmness and the aromas of fresh sawdust mixed with goat-skin. And so it is today. The same dedication to hand-made craftsmanship focusing mainly on the works of Kaare Klint and Mogens Koch  have steered this brand successfully to international markets.

A recent visit in this centenary year, marking the birth of what has been hailed as the first modern chair, the Faaborg Chair, designed by Kaare Klint, had me roaming the floors of the workshop yet again. It is quite humbling and absorbing witnessing a chair of this quality taking form. Originally commissioned in 1914 for the opening of the Faaborg Musuem, the Faaborg Chair is still in production. A feat, to my knowledge, no other chair has achieved. To mark the occasion Rud Rasmussen have produced 10 Faaborg Chairs in oiled walnut and hand-woven French cane, performed by probably the last Danish weaver gracing these shores.

3 years ago the future of the family-owned RRS appeared troubled, as the workshop was sold to another of Denmark´s excellent furniture makers, Carl Hansen. Carl Hansen, wisely retained RRS´s location and it´s brand identity and indeed have succeeded in expanding it´s brand in cities where Danish cabinet making and design are held in a high esteem i.e. Tokyo and New York.

To any future cabinet maker or someone simply fascinated by this unique heritage listed building in Copenhagen´s coolest of neighborhoods, contemplating a visit, then a pearl is waiting for you. RRS`s showroom can be found here on Nørrebrgade 45. For tours of the workshop, please contact Pernille Ehlert Florentz, the Communication Manager at Carl Hansen.

The photographs were kindly provided by Rud Rasmussen Snedkerier.

See this video which gives a wonderful sense of the workshop and on the making of the Faaborg Chair.



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