Chill-out in Copenhagen

copenhagen_chill_out_03Well into the season of Advent,  the Christmas queues grows longer, the seasonal activities with friends, colleagues and yuletide shopping intensifies. Finding a public space in Copenhagen where one can take a time-out from the tinsel, can be a challenge. However, there is a place during this mild December where one can rally, count to ten and go back into the fray, The Royal Library Garden, with the impressive address, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1. Tucked between the Parliament buildings and The Royal Library, this small haven often goes unnoticed in the winter, both with the locals and visitors.

Designed by the landscape architect, Jens Peder Andersen and architect Thorvald Jørgensen in the 1920´s, the garden is a perfect chill-out zone, where political, philosophical and literary ideas can mingle under the gaze of an impressive statue of the Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard. This December day, most of the garden was cast in black shadow, as the old Royal Library blocked out rays from a low sun. After a stroll around the pond and water sculpture, I could see why this a popular filming location for Denmark´s recent massive TV success, Borgen. The garden may be small and formal, but it is photogenic and atmospheric, where political schemes are hatched, both on and off screen. If the loneliness becomes too much, then Café Øieblikket, in The Black Diamond, the extension to The Royal Library on the harbors´s waterfront, can bring some solace, before re-entering the battle on Copenhagen´s shopping thoroughfares.



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