Copenhagen in November: Happiness is counted in seconds


For days now Copenhagen has been cushioned and buffered in low cloud, not a hint of a golden ray. Most Danes find November, in any year, bordering on slow torture. Here I differ with my Nordic friends, as I have a growing affection with this sensuous month. For a few hours of dimmed daylight, with only the promise of sunlight and wet heavy morning mist, blurring the city´s skyline, Copenhagen in November is as evocative as it is melancholic. It is also the perfect season to reflect and explore the galleries of the city.

Torben Eskerod, a respected Danish photographer with a healthy international audience, is currently showing a photographic portrayal of Jørn Utzon`s treasured house, Can Lis, perched on the south-eastern coast of Mallorca at the Peter Lav Gallery in Copenhagen. Can Lis has a unique bond with many Scandinavian architects and designers. It is like we have part ownership of this intimate place that housed such a cherished architect. The portrayal is a series of bold dissections, concentrating on detail, ambience and texture. Torben takes us on a meditative journey, where the local stone and mortar, caressed by brief sunlight are wonderfully captured. The images of Can Lis that we are mostly familiar with, i.e. the terrace views overlooking the sea, are not included, as Torben courageously and takes us to the neglected corners and surfaces of the house. Jørn Utzon once said that, “Happiness is counted in seconds” and visiting this unsentimental, but embracing photographic examination, you can almost hear the great man´s words. The exhibition at Peter Lav Gallery, Bredgade 65A, has been extended until the 19th. December and quite rightly so.

A final suggestion. When leaving the gallery, cross Bredgade and enter The Danish Design Museum´s beautiful Grønnegård courtyard, which is right now bedecked in golden leaves. November.



All images on this post are attached with Torben Eskerod´s kind consent.

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