Enjoy the ride with 991


A crisp, late November afternoon, I found myself close to Nordre Toldbod, a popular area for Copenhagen´s tourists, when I spotted the latest edition to the harbor bus fleet taking on new passengers and headed for my hood, Sluseholmen. Within two shakes of a lamb´s tail, I embarked, parked my bike onboard and headed for the rear of the vessel and reflected. It was 14 years ago that Copenhagen first saw sight of the then tiny harbor fleet. At that same time I found myself in Sydney, exploring its inner harbor with its well integrated ferry system and pondered about Copenhagen´s future possibilities. 14 years later, here I was  witnessing a memorable 35 minute journey with the waterfront´s buildings being transformed by a crimson sky and the harbor waters as dark as indigo ink.

Taking the 991 from Nordre Toldbod to Teglholmen, is a wonderful way for locals to bond with their harbor and for first-time visitors getting familiar with an impressive and developing waterfront. Passing the cranes on Holmen and sailing under the extended roof of the Opera House, we closed on one of the city´s pearls, The Royal Danish Playhouse. This is probably the most exclusive bus stop on any waterfront. Stroll off here right into the playhouses´ bar and order their decent house wine, enjoy the panorama view  and wait for next 991. Sailing under the bridges of Knippelsbro and Langebro, you´ll catch glimpses of hardy winter bathers on Islands Brygge before sailing under the popular bicycle and pedestrian bridge, Brygge Broen. The harbor in Sydhavnen is undergoing dramatic development with Havnevigen progressing rapidly, there is much anticipation concerning the projects, Enghavn Brygge and especially Frederiks Brygge with Design Group Architects responsible for the masterplan of the later.

As Sluseholmen comes into view and the crew of 991 prepare to dock at Teglholmen, it´s time to wrap up this success story. My hope is that more of Copenhagen´s residents and visitors  take the  ride and soak in this unique experience and that the route is extended to Nordhavn, linking north and south. All of the featured photographs were taken on a timescale of 23 minutes with my Iphone 5S. Check out Movias 991 and 992 time schedule her.


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