Making waves


Slowly, but surely Copenhagen´s waterfront and harbor, is developing into an active playground for entrepreneurs and creative souls. Projects like Maritime Allotments, a non-profit organization, has been working on aqua-farming in Copenhagen´s clean waters and have established a loyal band of enthusiastic followers during the last couple of years. This blog will be following closely this wonderful project until we be will reaping and tasting fresh oysters hopefully  not too far in the distant future. Another enterprise that has caught my eye this year is GoBoat, a unique way for locals and visitors to explore Copenhagen´s harbor, by renting solar energy boats. An ingenious concept, making a pleasing, quiet experience for the users of the boats, but also contributing to a non polluting environment of Copenhagen´s harbor. The crew at GoBoat, Carl, Kasper and Anders, can be found at the GoBoat pavilion, designed by themselves at Islands Brygge 6.

HM800 is quickly becoming an institution on Copenhagen´s waterfront. This trawler, moored close to Nyhavn, has been selling fresh fish from Thorupstrand since April this year. Another example of a pioneer, James and his young crew providing Copenhagen with fresh fish, caught and transported directly to this unique location. The trawler is also becoming a haven for tourists who can sit on the top deck and enjoy James´culinary expertise and at the same time marvel at the skyline. James´concept of linking Copenhagen´s fishing traditions to a sustainable future is surely the way forward. Copenhagen may not have a bustling floating market that Bangkok can boast of, but the pioneers at Maritime Allotments, GoBoat and the crew at HM800 are certainly making waves.


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