Rosenvængets Allé: Hidden, but not forgotten

copenhagen_streets_rosenvænget_00Trying to find that one street that captures a neighborhood´s identity can be both exhilarating and exhausting for any new traveller to any city for the first time. There are  streets that embody a neighborhood´s character, like Elisabeth Street in London´s Belgravia resembling an elegant urban village or Rosa Luxemburg Strasse in Berlin´s hip Mitte showing off its niche brands in its cool laid back manner.  These are streets where locals and visitors shop and mingle and where time seems of no importance. Copenhagen is also blessed with a handful of streets that have  blossomed over the last few years and that have become targets for many urban travelers interested in more than just a bargain.  The young and energetic Jærgersborggade in Nørrebro to Grønnegade, one of the oldest streets on the block attracts great attention and rightly so. However, there is one avenue in the northern neighborhood of Østerbro living its own quiet existence and is well worth a visit, Rosenvængets Allé.

I have visited Rosenvængets Allé since the early 80`s and have always been impressed with the atmosphere it has evoked throughout the years. Much like Rosa Luxemburg Strasse, this avenue mixes the elegant with the quirky and has retained a loyal local following, as you will find at the organic bakery, Det Rene Brød. This bakery has been producing organic breads before organic became mainstream for over two decades and it`s cafe is still a popular meeting place. Further up the avenue towards Østerbrogade, you will find the phenomenal Gourmandiet renowned has one of Copenhagen´s most prominent butchers, again with the emphasis on organic products, but also the city´s most exclusive delicatessen. It is a stylist´s dream, a visual tour de force. To chill out from Gourmandiet`s sensual assault, almost next door is the minimalistic ice cream parlour, Østerberg, which opened earlier this year. Here our taste buds are teased and tormented by ice creams based on exotic fruits. This little parlour space jingles nicely on this avenue. Finally, I discovered today that Østerbro has the greatest concentration of dog owners with pets in Denmark and our four-legged friends and their owners have their own retail Mecca on Rosenvængets Allé, Trenddog. Again quality oozes from Trenddog taking its customers seriously. It is this mix of diverse retail and culinary experiences that have made Rosenvængets Allé such an evergreen. Enjoy your stroll.




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