A dip in Copenhagen´s harbor

copenhagen_coral baths_00

As the barmy temperatures in November continue in our corner of Scandinavia, and as shirtsleeves and sunglasses are brought back from hibernation, winter activities are put on standby. The numbers of winter-bathers taking a weekly dip in Copenhagen´s harbor has grown phenomenally over the last few years. This naturally has much to do with the development and growth of residential projects around the harbor, especially in Sluseholmen and Islands Brygge, but also the regeneration of Copenhagen´s harbor water. Recently, Copenhagen was voted “Europe`s Green Capital of 2014”, which was probably swayed by the quality of the water and having four public harbor baths on Copenhagen´s waterfront.

The public baths at Island Brygge have become something of an icon for this neighborhood and still remains a favorite meeting place for many and remarkably is only a stones throw from Copenhagen´s Town Hall Square. The latest addition is the Coral Baths at Sluseholmen, designed by Danielsens Architecture, which opened in 2011. From the 1st. June until 31st. August, the baths with its three cleverly designed pools, shaped like a lagoon caters for all ages and is open to the public. The Coral Baths have become a popular focal point for many residents, especially families with young children as the pools are attentively watched by life guards.

When summer turns to autumn, it´s time for Sluseholmen´s hardy band of winter bathers, around 400 members, to take front seat, literally. The baths are equipped with a sauna that has a view of Copenhagen´s skyline, a unique experience. So as we patiently wait for the water temperature to fall down to single digits, this winter bather is looking forward to emerging himself in Copenhagen´s clean waters for the first time this season. You can find the Coral Baths on, Ben Websters Vej 69, Copenhagen.

copenhagen_coral baths_02

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