Copenhagen: Living On The Water

Growing up in the East Midlands in the UK, I always longed for the sight of a shimmering horizon, where sea met sky. Years later in Copenhagen, I have salt water in touching distance. It may not be the open sea kissing rolling sand dunes, but the harbor and it´s squawking seagulls will do. We are 3,500 residents living by the water in Sluseholmen and our neighborhood buddy, Teglholmen. However, there are an impressive handful of pioneers who are fulfilling their dreams by living on the water. A growing number of former ferries and barges from an earlier age in Denmark´s maritime history, are being converted into houseboats, spicing up Sluseholmen´s waterfront. Slusen´s boat yard has been a den of activity the last couple of years transforming one wreck after another into modern residential spaces equipped with every boy´s dream, a nautical bridge.

Not all of the present projects have the luxury of using the boat yard. Daniel Christiansen, a building constructor at one of Copenhagen´s most respected architectural offices, Vandkunsten, is presently reconstructing an old barge that had been grounded for 33 years in Roskilde Fjord on Teglholmen´s waterfront. Daniel´s ambitious project is scheduled to be completed in 2015 and hopefully the barge will be permanently moored on Sluseholmen´s waterfront  in December this year. The transformation will leave Daniel with a houseboat in two stories and 150m² to the good. The barge project is quickly becoming something of a local attraction with many neighbors following the process with great anticipation.

The sight of moored former ferries and barges in this residential haven, not only provides a colorful counter point to the brick and mortar of Sluseholmen, but links the harbors future with it´s past and this is thanks to people like Daniel. Check out about Sydhavnens´s future development plans here – Copenhagen`s development


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