Spelt and Grüner, a perfect match


The last few years, Copenhagen has witnessed  a blossoming of artisan bakeries providing more than your average slice of white bread. The majority of Copenhagen´s neighborhoods have now their own local bakeries cum cafés serving high quality breads, often organic. The master baker, Chad Robertson from San Francisco, has thankfully inspired a new generation of danish bakers. While Sluseholmen still waits to come on the bread map, I have to find my daily crumb elsewhere. For two years, I made a weekly pilgrimage to Foodshop No. 55 in Ørested and felt at home instantly. A relocation to Islands Brygge, Foodshop No. 26 has firmly established itself as quality bakery and favorite café with it´s growing legions of local customers. Located on the corner of Thorshavnsgade and Reykjaviksgade, Foodshop No. 26 has thankfully taken all the wonderful attributes from No. 55; a rye bread with blue poppy seeds that is head and shoulders better than anything in any hood and a cookie that would satisfy the taste buds of a small pony. Along with these fantastic products, the core of the original crew welcome their customers with sublime service. And finally, the customer experience is framed in interior space created by Studio Baki, who has successfully optimized every m² in a warm nordic urban look. Sluseholmen, please take note.

While still dusting the crumbs of your cookie and you can´t face another cappuccino, then wander a little further down Thorshavnsgade to No.24 and the sight of Austrian flags will guide you to Vinothek Marquart. Georg and Stine, father and daughter, have been importing Austrian wines since 2009. This small wine store also serves as a wine bar, where Georg guides you through the 13 or so wine districts in Austria that are represented in this corner of Islands Brygge. For the last couple of years Georg has been patiently expanding my shallow knowledge of Austrian wines and it has got to the point when a weekend without a taste of Grüner Veltliner seems incomplete. For those curious souls wishing to learn more about Austrian wines can offer, then I can strongly recommend Vinothek Marquart.


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