Lidkoeb, still roaring

CPH Lidkoeb, cocktail barIt´s almost 2 years ago minus a month, since Rasmus Lomborg opened the doors at Lidkoeb,welcoming guests in search of more than an Old Fashioned. For those traveling to Copenhagen in search of unique bar experience, where you can enjoy a drink with a friend or two, or just sit on your own and take in this beautifully restored 18th century building. Tucked in an alley, in the district of Vesterbro, this former pharmacy and  medicine laboratory has been meticulously refurbished, with much emphasis on Børge Mogensen, one of the best furniture designers of his generation. Lidkoeb, offers the guest the choice of diverse bar experiences, spread out on the three floors, again with Rasmus responsible for the interiors. The bar on the ground floor is a wonderful spatial experience focusing on materials that are not foreign to the nordic soul, tanned leathers and sheepskins with a log fire about to roar. An added exotic twist is the cooler behind the bar made out of Brazilian Teak.

It reminds more of an urban lodge and boy do I feel at home, especially as Autumn bends a corner. As I experienced at Han Kjøbenhavn recently, the standard of service was on par to none. The lads in their beards and lumberjack shirts were informative, witty and shook their mixers with great verve. I even found a Scot behind the bar, so it can´t get better than that.

You can find Lidkoeb on Vesterbrogade 72B

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