October mist


There are those rare mornings that just take your breath away and today was one of them. Crossing the harbor from Sluseholmen over to Amager, I noticed that the cyclists in front of me were stopping, almost hopping off their bikes and simultaneously reaching for their smartphones. I stopped and sensed the quietness of the moment. Normally, this spot would be a cacophony of noise with the harbor waters gushing under the narrow bridge. The young woman´s face  in front of me was drenched in a color of almost peach-like light and she seemed a little reluctant to catch the moment on her smart phone. The view was of Copenhagen harbor layered in October mist ,just a few meters over the water. It was like walking into a Turner creation of a previous century, timeless. With the harbor waters so still, the reflection of a pinkish sky seemed to add to this sense of serenity. A few seconds past and unsatisfactory attempts to capture the moment on my Leica were quickly forgotten as the sky filled with migrating geese. The moment complete, the young woman and I exchanged a knowing nod and continued our separate ways. A heron standing nearby on the thinest of legs, seemed uninterested.

For a heartbeat or two, Copenhagen was presented at it´s melancholic best and a perfect reminder of the joy living by the harbor and the way it´s waters can mirror and mould a moment.

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