Scotland the Brave?

Will the blue disappear on Thursday? We will see.

Will the blue disappear on Thursday?
We will see.

I am well aware that many will raise an eyebrow when this post, “Scotland the Brave” pops up on my blog dedicated so loyally to Copenhagen`s architectural and urban treasures, but being a global soul, I could not pass this opportunity without a mention.

I am a regular visitor to Scotland, either visiting my family in Galloway, hiking in The Highlands or roaming the urban delights of Stockbridge in Edinburgh. On Thursday 18th. September, I will be travelling yet again to the Scottish Lowlands to commemorate my mother´s 80th. birthday on the same day Scotland will be voting for it´s right to be fully independent. Arriving in Scotland on such a memorable day will be both thrilling and rather daunting.
I have been following the question of Scottish independence over the past few weeks from across the North Sea. Although a resident in Copenhagen for 3 decades, national identity has both fascinated and puzzled me. Born and raised in England coupled with strong family ties in Scotland and an active residency in Denmark, my own national identity incorporates these geographic and cultural entities quite easily. Over the years, my national identity has evolved into something of an international, or dare I say, European profile.

However, for many Scots and Englishmen living in Galloway and along the borders, the next few days will prove to be incredibly difficult. My Uncle Robert, a wise and knowledgeable man has lived all his 81 years in the south west of Scotland. His concerns for the future are not for himself, but for Scotland´s future generations. For Robert, the United Kingdom has represented a relatively secure and peaceful relationship. Although The Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970`s put the Union under great pressure. But Robert does have a point. In 307 years the Scots and English have not fired one bullet at one another in anger and both nations have prospered. Their friendly contempt for one another has been confined to Hampden Park and Wembley.

Whatever the outcome on Thursday, I do feel a great sense of admiration in the way Scots on both sides of the divide have debated and argued for Scotland`s right to be a fully independent nation. Such an emotive force could have been so destructive. On Thursday, I will be sitting with my dear ones at The Steamboat Inn, in Carsethorn, soaking in the atmosphere and maybe just witnessing the birth of a new nation.

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