Nokken´s New Neighbors


L1040740My daily bike trip follows the harbor through the tranquil Nokken, with its high grass, chirpy pheasants and quirky allotments and takes me to a rapidly changing area masterminded by the architectural offices, West 8 and Plot. Known as Havnevigen, it is being radically transformed from a derelict industrial wasteland on the outskirts of the city to a contrast full residential area The site is now gradually taking shape with 3 apartment towers, rows of town houses and recently a child care center completed and with the new residents beginning to imprint their own identity.

The child care center, designed by CCO Architects in collaboration with Rambøll, is already attracting visiting architects and urban planners partly due to its location and the use of robust materials. The center is tucked between Copenhagen´s rowing clubs and the clandestine Nokken with the harbor waters framing the grounds. I´m looking forward to the future development and will keep in you touch with its process.

Child care center. Havnevigen

Child care center.


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